5 Web design trends 2018

Web design trends 2018

With the season of the sprout firmly behind us we took time out to have a little look into what we believe will be the key fashion and trends to look out for in the world of web design this year.

Real Photography

With around 140,00 new websites being launched every day there is an everlasting hunger for visual content that shows no signs of declining. The easiest and most cost effective way to get this content is to use one of the many stock photography sites available such as Shutterstock, Adobe or Deposit Photos. The problem we have now is that a lot of websites are starting to look the same as they are choosing the look and feel of their brand from a pool of content that is available and being used from many others as well.

We are not talking just small businesses here, even some of the bigger players are guilty of this even though they have the budgets and resources at their disposal. Like many things creative, they often do not feel it is worth the spend. We feel this is about to change though.

We have seen over recent months clients coming to us and wanting a unique identity that sets them apart from their competitors and after returning stock selections to them they have realised that to get what they want that a little investment in some photography is the way forward.

If the brief is to create a unique identity that really represents what you are as a business then your visual assets need to tell the story with some authenticity that truly captures this.

The Return of Illustrations

The last couple of years have seen a move away from the use of illustrations which has been replaced by the full width, parallax photography that every client seems to request. Some of the major digital players like Shopify and Dropbox over recent months have adopted this illustrative approach to great effect.

Brands want to stand out, and illustrations are a great way to bring some personality to the party. They also work very well when being used in an informative context and provide a great way of presenting or explaining information.

They also solve the issue of photography as mentioned above.

Hello Colour

Word on the street is bold colours are going to continue their resurgence. With some great tools available to the designer to get inspiration like http://khroma.co/ and https://coolors.co/ we think you will find more sites going bold and brave to create exciting and exceptional online experiences.

SVG Images

We have started using this format a lot over the last year and have been very impressed with the results. Scalable Vector Graphics are lightweight vector images that make sure graphics, icons and logos look pixel perfect no matter what the screen size or resolution.

Broken Layouts

Very much the poster boys (or girls) of 2017 it looks as though we will see more of this to come in 2018. The appeal of the asymmetrical layout is that it provides a site that is more distinctive and unique.

Traditional brands with lots of content will certainly give this style a wide berth but you can be sure that some of the bigger youth orientated brands that can afford to be a bit more risky will get in on the act and go for a more out of the box approach.

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