Booty Parlor Photography

Shopify design & brand development.

Booty Parlor is a body and lifestyle company based out of New Jersey, who alongside an award winning brand has a very unique character and needed a rejuvenated web store to match.

Creating a Shopify store that worked perfectly for customers as well as being simple to maintain and update was of paramount importance.

Whilst creating this from the ground up, CREATIVEFOLKS also worked with our sister company Photify to produce and whole new set of product imagery to launch alongside the updated website.

Strategic social media development

Getting tongues wagging and fingers tapping, Booty Parlor wanted to remind people that loving themselves is the greatest revolution.

Building the brand

With social media playing such an important role in the company’s customer engagement, we designed a series of bespoke social media templates that helped to generate interaction with followers.

With updated traditional body and brand imagery, we were also able to create fun, inspired graphic content that gets customers talking, and ultimately coming back to the brand time and time again.

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