Video production.

Videos are cool. Everyone wants to watch them, and you can take them anywhere. They are literally the number one watched thing on YouTube.

So… you should probably start using them too? Correct. Meet the CREATIVEFOLKS video production team.

Whether it’s a full crew on location for a 2 day shoot, or some eye-catching pieces of viral content for the ‘gram, if it moves, we’ll shoot it. And if it doesn’t move, we’ll shoot it anyway. Just to be safe.

Video expertise.

Moving stuff.

Move your audience, make them feel something. A well crafted video production that tells your brand story in a compelling and original way will not just turn heads, it will win hearts.

Social motions

Promo videos

Brand videos

Product videos

Motion graphics

Motion graphics

Script writing

Audio production

Location scouting

Project management

"I would strongly recommend Jon and his team for any creative, design or video assignments."

Got a project?

We're all ears.

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We also love to shoot things that stay still. Makes things a lot easier. Enhance your communication channels with some authentic brand photography.


We can take all the beautiful video content and create engaging, impactful social strategies guaranteed to get your brand fans sharing.

Paid ads

The video content is so good it would be such a shame to limit the amount of people that can see it. Let us run some ads for you to attract a new legion of like-minded brand fans.

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