Never Mind The Weekend, Here’s Monday!

Not another pizza flyer

There is something special about a beautiful design, printed purposefully on the perfect paper stock. Fedrigoni being one of my personal favourite manufacturers, for their large range of affordable stock. I find it much more appealing as a consumer, to be marketed at through a well thought out, cleverly executed work of art rather than a thoughtless, print for the masses, pizza flyer.
When a client asks, what do you think about my design, and they pull out a cobbled together word doc that they want a huge print run on ‘whatever’s the cheapest stock’, my heart sinks.
My passion is to see better design printed purposefully, specifically targeted to the right audience. Purpose driven design and print. Rather than a mass littering of everyone and anyones home. Plus, if something comes through your door that has been put together with some thought, you are more likely to hold onto it.
In short. Stop creating bin fodder. We don’t need anymore recycling material.

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