New WordPress Trends to end 2018

Taking a look of all the WordPress trends from 2018, we’ve come a long way since 2017, and it shows no sign of slowing down. I’m pretty sure over the course of the last year you will have come across each of every one of these points at least once, but have you tried integrating them into your site yet?

Website Push Notifications
Push notifications act like your usual text notifications, except they also show on your computer too. They’re a great way to push updates to your existing clients, whether it be to notify them of a blog, a new product, or a discount you are running?

Keep this one in your marketing arsenal to maximise your reach!

WordPress Page builders
Gutenberg is launching tomorrow (Dec 6th) and it brings a whole new editing experience to WordPress. The old WordPress classic builder was so behind the times, and most people had replaced it with a third party WYSIWYG builder such as Beaver Builder, WPBakery Editor, Elementor or Divi Builder. Now WordPress is getting in on the action.

Regardless of whether you decide to switch to it from your chosen platform or not, it seems that more intuitive builders are here to stay in 2019!

Vibrant and Saturated Colours
How many sites have you seen that just use the same boring colour schemes over and over. In such a competitive market, companies are employing new tactics to stand out, and bold colours is the next killer way to bury your competition.

A great choice of colour scheme will have a dramatic impact on how your viewers perceive your website.

Asymmetrical Layouts
Flat or minimalistic designs have been in for a while now and people are taking it to the next level by pushing the boundaries and creating asymmetrical designs (sometimes called broken grids).

Although this can be very difficult to pull off whilst still making the site easy to use, read and uncluttered. If you’re able to tread the fine line well, content being displayed in unconventional ways can really bring new life into the page.

If you would like to chat WordPress stuff with a member of the CREATIVEFOLKS team then please get in touch.