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Website design on Macbook from Creativefolks
We have some mighty fine tech brains on hand to transform our game changing ideas into supercharged digital platforms that are built to engage, inspire and perform whilst leaving your competitors laughing nervously in the corner.

Rub shoulders With code Greatness.

We have been crafting beautiful digital landscapes since 2012 and have loved every moment. We have also gotten rather good at it as well. Our web design team consistently hit that perfect sweet spot of head turning brilliance and affordability. We have designed and built over 200 websites which pretty much gives us geek status and our clients the confidence that they are rubbing shoulders with code greatness.
Website design for HND by Creativefolks
Mobile Website design for Channel 4 by Creativefolks
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“I worked with the CF team very closely from start to finish and they designed an absolutely amazing website for our business that has really allowed us to kick on from a marketing perspective. The six month strategy post launch also really helped our team to stay focused and consistent with our brand goals.”
Digital Strategy by CreativeFolks

Digital strategy.

Navigating the vast digital cosmos can be tricky, but with our ‘Fearless Creative’ compass, we come up with brave strategies that align with your brand vision. Our commitment to originality and authenticity remains unwavering making sure your digital narrative is unique and geared up to make you stand out from the mediocre.
UX Design by CreativeFolks


Making stuff look nice is the easy bit. Presenting these components in a way that is conducive to engagement is where some serious skills are needed. We don’t just craft user experiences; we sprinkle them with unicorn dust, marinate them in a concoction of innovation, and serve them on a platter of pixel-perfect web design.

Website Design by CreativeFolks Tablet

Website design

Often viewed as an agencies bread and butter. We never get complacent. We see every web design project as an opportunity to improve on the last and move things forward. A chance to show off, a chance to impress. Less bread and butter, more a roasted tomato focaccia with aged balsamic dipping oil. Discover why you should choose our web design services.
Ecomerce design by CreativeFolks Mobile


As a Shopify agency, we work with brands from all over the globe to design and develop great looking, high performing ecommerce websites. We make sure your ecommerce store is as brilliant as your business and is geared up and ready for some serious growth.

Web development by CreativeFolks

Web development

We venture beyond the norms, turning the complex into the compelling. While the digital matrix has its binaries and algorithms, we infuse soul, rhythm, and a touch of rebellious spirit. We have in-house skills to code in multiple languages and love nothing more when a challenging brief arrives in our inbox.

Data driven Design.

We are not into the guessing game. After all it’s your hard-earned investment right? Exactly. We keep real time data at the fore with all our decision making. This makes sure everything that leaves the studio does so with purpose and geared up for success.


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