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So… we have made it look beautiful, we have built it with pixel perfect precision, now is the time to tell everyone how great it is. Now is the time to turn heads, get some Google love and get your website generating new business.


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We are obsessed with making our client websites perform. What is the point in being average? What is the point of putting all that effort into making some look amazing if no-one is going to turn up to the party? We build realistic, achievable performance strategies for our clients that are geared up for healthy organic growth.

A fresh perspective on seo

Who said SEO has to be all about cold analytics and sterile strategies? We infuse creativity into every nook and cranny of the process. For us, every keyword is a story waiting to be told, every backlink an exciting plot twist. It’s not just about topping search results; it’s about creating a narrative that both search engines and humans can get excited about. Or at least click on the button.

Beyond Ranks and Ratios

We get it – ranks matter. But to us, so does authenticity, originality, and that unmistakable human touch. We’re not here to play by the old rulebook; we’re here to rewrite it. Our strategies are fluid, dynamic, and always tailored to your unique brand voice.

SEO the CF way

Discovery Dive:

Delving deep to understand your digital pulse – the strengths, the areas of improvement, and the untapped opportunities.


Merging data with design thinking to chart out a one-of-a-kind SEO blueprint.

On-Site Artistry:

Molding your site’s structure, content, and design to be both SEO-friendly and delightfully engaging.

Off-Site Exploration:

Expanding your digital horizon, forming connections, partnerships, and a web of quality backlinks.

Content Sculpting:

Crafting content that’s not just keyword-rich, but also rich in value and intrigue.

Continuous Evolution:

The digital realm is ever-changing, and so are our tactics. Always refining, always improving.

We are a specialist SEO agency based in Northampton, with expertise in a vast range of industries and local SEO knowledge across the whole of the UK.

Ambitious strategies to supercharge brand growth.


Turbocharged campaigns

In the fast-paced, ever-shifting world of digital advertising, it’s not just about being seen; it’s about being unforgettable. We don’t just launch PPC campaigns; we unleash digital juggernauts. Crafted with finesse, powered by precision, and underpinned with audacity – we make sure your brand doesn’t just join the online conversation but dominates it.


Off-the-rack campaigns are for rookies. Our maestros tailor-make every campaign to fit your brand like a glove, ensuring every penny packs a punch. While competitors recycle and reuse, we innovate and ignite, ensuring that your message stands out in a highly competitive medium.

PPC the CF way

Discovery Deep Dive:

Before we take the stage, we get to know every facet of your brand, ensuring our campaigns echo your ethos.

Crafting Captivating Campaigns:

Blending strategy with sizzle, we design ads that don’t just attract eyeballs but capture hearts.

Pinpoint Precision:

Our targeting isn’t just sharp; it’s laser-focused. We ensure your message lands in the right inboxes, every single time.

Bid Strategy Brilliance:

In the high stakes game of bidding, our tech maestros play to win, ensuring optimal results without the budget blues.

Analytics with Attitude:

We track, tweak, and triumph, ensuring your campaigns soar higher with every iteration.

Feedback Fiesta:

We value your voice. Collaborative, open, and ever-enthusiastic, we refine our strategies with your insights in tow.
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“CF’s SEO expertise is top-notch. Jon and the team’s dedication is unmatched and has really help drive the online side of our business forward.”


Tell us all about it.

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