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Brand design
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Ballards, an award winning Chartered Accountants, Business & Tax Advisors, came to Creative Folks, with a simple brief - 'Modern Thinking'.

Looking to breathe some new life into the traditionalist world of accountancy, Ballards wanted to design and develop new ideas to show their modern way of thinking was more than a website re-skin.

Working from the ground up, we designed a new logo, developed a bespoke website, and created new branding that worked seamlessly both online and offline.

Traditional company, modern ideas.

How do you take an established brand and reinvigorate it for the modern day? A contemporary approach backing up seamless design goes a long way.

Building the brand

With the fundamental mantra of ‘Modern Thinking’ always at the forefront of our minds when creating the new branding, we were able to develop new brand guidelines that stood out from their competitors, whilst retaining some traditional sensibilities.

We continue to support Ballards through web hosting and brand asset management. We are always in it for the long haul.

Ballards Business Card

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